Jazz Vocalist

Truly established as a genuine jazz artist, she has performed at both the International Jazz Festival and CJazz Festivals, entertaining audiences with her powerful voice, and her capacity to inject passion and emotion into soulful ballads. Glennis has worked with many of the top musicians in Canada and the U.S., including Michael Creber, Randy Halberstadt, and Mike Lent.
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Vocal Coach

My teaching philosophy is to provide you with a supportive and positive environment to allow you to make changes in your vocal technique and style as quickly as possible. I use simple directives without excessive verbal direction because sometimes you just need to “wait for the bus.”

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In September 2009 I began my PhD in Ethnomusicology at York University, Toronto. It has been an adventure to say the least. I am currently writing my dissertation in Calgary, and hope to defend the document in September 2014, after which time you will be required to address me as Dr. G (just kidding…Doc is completely fine).
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