CD Release was a success!

Written by Glennis Houston on .

Well, the March 1st launch of I'll Reminisce You was a resounding success, if I do say so myself. ~55 people turned out, and on a night with temperatures fit for neither man nor beast. I don't know about you, but I'm sure tired of winter. The band was incredible - Sheldon Zanboer, Simon Fisk, and Robin Tufts played their asses off. They always amaze me and I'm so privileged to be able to work with them.

If you haven't picked up your copy of the new CD, you can get in touch with me on the Contact Page. 

CD Release - finally

Written by Glennis Houston on .

Welcome! So, if you're thinking ahead, and wondering what to do on the evening of March 1st, why don't you come on down to the National Music Centre, 134-11 Ave SE, Calgary. I'm having my release party for my long-overdue CD. I'm so happy it's done, and very proud of the results.

So, the details are:

March 1st, 8:00 pm. Doors open at 7:30.  

 Buy tickets for CD Release. They're $15 plus a small amount for service charges. Or, you can pay $20 at the door. I'll have some beverages and snacks there for your enjoyment.

See you there!!!!

The year has begun!

Written by Glennis Houston on .

Well, welcome to September! It's been glorious so far in Calgary, but we all know what's coming.

I'm happy to report that, until December anyway, I'm teaching voice at the Rosebud School of the Arts. It's a bit of a drive from Calgary, but the students in Rosebud are so amazingly talented. If you have a chance, you should go and see some of their shows. 

My home studio is growing - always looking for more students who want to study non-classical repertoire so if you're interested, please contact me.

Until later!


Pop-up Workshops

Written by Glennis on .

So here's a thought - any community singers in Calgary that want to do some mini workshops on specific topics? Some ideas I have:

  • jazz/blues singing styles and interpretation
  • theory - basic jazz progressions
  • current icons in the industry today
  • voice production (head voice vs chest voice and how to find them, mix them, use them)
  • performance & stage presence
  • phrasing
  • rhythm in singing, and creative expression with rhythm
  • multi-cultural influences
  • song-writing
  • swing/big band
  • creating vocal harmonies
  • improvising (scatting, riffing, syllables, melody & rhythm)
  • thinking beyond technique & theory
  • performance masterclass

Anybody out there want to participate? I dare you to communicate! :-)


Post-blues workshop!

Written by Glennis on .

Rita di Ghent and I had a great weekend teaching an awesome group of singers. Topics ranged from using the natural voice, complete with exercises designed to find the chest voice and use it, through to history of the blues from the 1920s Classic blues to the 1950s. Participants were able to create their own blues lyrics and work with Rita on interpretation and phrasing, and presented their ideas to the group. 

As with previous years, Rita and I did a performance and because our workshop was on the blues, we decided to sing the blues ourselves. Thanks to Mikey's Juke Joint for having us there, and thanks to the amazing audience! Also, last but not least, thanks to the great musicians - Andrea Petrity, Steve Pineo and Kelly Kruse. 

Now back to the dissertation - I've managed to avoid writing for many (too many) weeks now - really have to get my head in gear and get back in the game. But first, dinner and a movie tonight with a friend, and tomorrow visiting Rosebud School of the Arts Saturday morning for an interview! Yay!

take care,


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