Vocal Intensive Weekend Workshops

Glennis & Rita with Calgary's own Glennis Houston and Toronto's Rita Di Ghent.

2013 ~ The Blues

This year's Vocal Intensive Weekend Workshop has Chicago raised Rita di Ghent, currently living in Toronto, and Glennis working with singers on the BLUES:  it's form, it's feel, vocal production, rhythm and time feel, interpretation, and other bluesy things!

Date:   June 8 & 9, 2013Location:  TBA
Cost:   $300 for the weekend or $160 per day

Contact Glennis for information and to register for the workshop.

2012 ~ Jazz

This year's Vocal Intensive Weekend Workshop has Rita di Ghent and Glennis working with singers on JAZZ.  Participants will discover conemporary vocal technique for jazz and musical theatre, rhythmic elements, elegant phrasing, and vocal improvisation techniques.  There will be two spotlight sessions, Saturday deals with "The Art of the Ballad" and Sunday's will be dedicated to "Improvisation - What's it all About".  The workshop will be held  July 21 & 22, 2012.

2011 ~ Jazz

The inaugural workshop by Glennis and Rita and where participants sang progressions and engaged in rhythmic exercises and paraphrasing concepts,  The workshop was rhythm heavy for the duration of the weekend.  The workshop was held August 6 & 7, 2011.

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