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remininsce cdcoverI'll Reminisce You, is a culmination of my musical experience and discovery in the decade since the release of my debut album Lies of Handsome Men. I’ll Reminisce You contains12 tracks, 7 of which I wrote. The other 5 are arrangements and covers of bebop, ballads and blues.


The title tune, a poetic and poignant ballad, transports the listener through the gamut of emotions in the anticipation of love leaving. Despite the subtle delivery, it packs an emotional wallop and sums up what this album is all about: life and what life’s choices bring.


I had tried recording some of the tracks in a studio in 2011, but was disappointed with the results. I realized that, due to my extensive performing experience, a live audience was necessary to bring out my best. I booked the National Music Centre for two days in May 2013, and recorded a live show in the round on the first night. We returned to the NMC the next day, and rerecorded all of the tracks, retaining some tracks from the live show for the CD. It was perfect!


Sheldon Zandboer (piano), Robin Tufts (drums) and Simon Fisk (bassetto) are the musicians, and their creativity and thoughtful playing made the process relaxed and a complete joy. Thanks also to Keith Smith, the recording engineer, and Dave Horrocks at Infinite Wave for the mastering.

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cdcoverLies of Handsome Men, was recorded in July 2003 in Vancouver with spectacular Vancouver musicians Michael Creber on piano, Miles Hill on bass (also as sound engineer), Craig Scott on drums, and Keith Bennett on harmonica. The excellent John Reid, leader of Caravan, and producer of my CD, plays flute and sax on some of the tracks.

Ferdinand Maylin, of www.jazznow.com, wrote; "My favorite track is Sunday Kind of Love, it gives Glennis the opportunity to show her ability with warmth, expression and clean articulation, there is a beautiful depth to her voice ..."

Mike Bell, of the Calgary Sun, wrote: "this disc ... shows off her warm, rich, emotive vocals over 13 playfully sensual songs ..."

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