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Fifty Shades of Blues

The show "Fifty Shades of Blues" was created to introduce some often obscure songs that were performed in the 1920s (the "classic blues" period) and 1930s. These songs were often very naughty and suggestive in nature, and were performed mostly by black women from the vaudeville stage. The classic blues period was fairly short-lived, with many of the artists seeing their careers disappear in the 1930s with society's switch to the new "swing" music that was making it's move. The stock market crash and depression didn't help things either!

Background Music - Duo, Trio, Quartet

For creating a mood and pleasurable listening during dinner or mingling, beautiful vocal and instrumental sounds offer just the right touch. Great for cocktail parties, an intimate lounge, an upscale or casual gathering. Suitable selections are chosen based on the type of event and venue so you can be confident that the feel in the room will be just right. Glennis is sure to tailor the sound and look to create the presentation style you want at the function.

Cabaret Stage Shows

Turn your banquet room into a jazz club, or turn your jazz club into a showroom! Perfect for the captive audience that appreciates fabulous traditional & contemporary jazz, swing from the big band era and a vocalist that engages her audience. Presented with panache, the vocalist gets up front and personal with a sprinkle of humour and a touch of theatrics as Glennis the light-hearted, warm and witty Diva emerges, backed by a truly smashing band.

Dance Band - 5 to 8 Piece Band

Whether you're looking for an elegant, romantic feel to your room or a more fun party atmosphere, Glennis will lead the band with the right mix of jazz and today's popular contemporary tunes for getting your guests on their feet. Her varied repetoire allows her to establish the right level of energy to make the night a success. The mood can be very subtle and laid back to quietly sway and groove the crowd, or inject a more upbeat party vibe to keep it hoppin'!

With a broad repertoire of styles & songs, Glennis can create the right mood with beautiful romantic music; a collection of upbeat swing and jazz; today's best pop diva favourites and fun dance music. Check out a sampling of her vast repertoire in the sidebar.

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