Fifty Shades of Blues

The show "Fifty Shades of Blues" was created to introduce some often obscure songs that were performed in the 1920s (the "classic blues" period) and 1930s. These songs were often very naughty and suggestive in nature, and were performed mostly by black women from the vaudeville stage. The classic blues period was fairly short-lived, with many of the artists seeing their careers disappear in the 1930s with society's switch to the new "swing" music that was making it's move. The stock market crash and depression didn't help things either!

Andréa Petrity is my musical partner in this adventure. We enjoy playing "dress up" with the garb popular during the 20s, completing with gloves, fish-net stockings, "bling," hats, and flapper-style dresses. The singers of the time often also wore tiaras! They did not dress like flappers to be clear, but that is the easiest association to the 1920s, and face it, it's fun!

You will hear songs with titles like "If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It," "Just Give Me a Man," and "Hot Nuts." If it's naughty or suggestive, we want you to hear it! Please get in touch for your public or corporate event if you want something WAY out of the ordinary.

Some comments from people who have seen the show are:

"A little bit naughty and a whole lot of nice! Glennis and Andréa did a fabulous job entertaining the audience at the AWA Music for the Wild Concert. A very enjoyable night filled with fun and music."

Murray Little

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