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"Glennis Houston was my student in graduate studies at York University in a Directed Reading course. I had learned about her interest in the voice pedagogy of contemporary commercial music and, in particular, about her involvement with the LoVetri method of this teaching. I invited her to teach a class in my course, The Function of the Singing Voice, a fourth-year undergraduate studies course for singers from both classical and jazz/pop backgrounds. Glennis' introductory lecture was clear and compelling and led seamlessly to a demonstration involving two of the students, one from each training discipline. Several other students and instructors also attended the class, as this was of some interest to many singers in the Department of Music. Glennis was able to work successfully with each of the two students to show the other side of the vocal technique spectrum. She was very well prepared, friendly and professional with the students, well-informed about the technical ideas she wanted to share and encouraging of the students' progress over the very short time she had to work with them. There was a very warm response to the class and many stayed afterwards to discuss and ask further questions. I have no hesitation in recommending Glennis as a professional, caring and effective teacher."

Catherine Robbin, Mezzo Soprano, Order of Canada
Associate Professor, York University

"Glennis Houston provides clear, concise methods of learning vocal technique delivered in a powerful and playful way. In our sessions together, she not only was able to give me the information I was looking for, but was able to patiently guide me when we needed to move in a different direction. I continue to use the techniques she showed me every time I warm up my voice, and I would highly recommend Glennis as a vocal teacher to anyone looking for technical guidance in their vocal training."

Emma Hewson
Former Student, York University

"I have had the pleasure of learning from Glennis a few years ago and her knowledge of the voice has enlightened my ways of thinking about Pop and Jazz musical styles immensely. She expressed her knowledge in a caring and patient way and listened to my concerns.

As a former Education student I know that Glennis is the epitome of what a wonderful teacher is. She is generous with her time and accommodated me when I needed a break, as I was pregnant during our sessions together. She has always been there, even after our lessons together, with any answers to questions I may have.
Glennis is a beautiful person inside and out, and any institution would be lucky to have her as a part of their staff and community. I highly recommend Glennis as a vocal/music instructor and professor."

Francine Scala, OCT

"Glennis’ reputation as an outstanding teacher is far-spread. I have sent several students to reap the benefits of studying with Glennis and the reviews by them have been uniformly and enthusiastically positive. I have extensively observed Glennis as a teacher and found her to be a gifted one. She combines humility with authority in a way that both fosters students’ talent and warms them to her. Glennis is extraordinarily sensitive to student’s emotional needs. She is also resourceful in that she easily uses an array of imaginative and effective strategies for helping students achieve their technical goals.

One of the most attractive features of Glennis as a pedagogue is that she is a very even personality. I have found her to be a charming colleague and very much a team player.

Administratively, Glennis is detail-oriented, well informed, and one of the most reliable professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

Rita di Ghent
Jazz Faculty, York University

"After studying Balkan vocal music for some time, I decided to expand my horizons by studying jazz vocal music as well. I had the opportunity to study with Glennis for several terms at York University. The style was quite new to me and at first I felt a bit apprehensive, but Glennis was very encouraging and patient in teaching me the fundamentals of jazz vocal. What truly inspired me about Glennis was her interest in the music that I had previously been studying. I believe it is the mark of a true teacher that they are equally interested in gaining, rather than merely imparting, knowledge."

N. Younan
Music Student, York University
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